Based on a simple premise "Everyone looks cool in a selfie but no one looks cool taking one." To be absolutely true to the product and features, we had the slofie portion shot and edited entirely (no post-production or whatsoever) on the all-new iPhone 11 while the reveal was shot with an Alexa to create the juxtaposition of real-life versus online. 

The ambition is to create a whole new way to selfie (it's been a while ain't it) through the first-ever slo-mo front-facing camera. It was initially developed for the selfie-loving China market but was so liked internally - it became the first-ever Greater China's global campaign. And Tim Cook loved it so much, he had it on his Keynote and did his first slofie with fellow attendees. And then the rest, as they history. Instagram loves it, Twitter, well, Twitter trolls as usual. 

The ad itself is so divisive, it naturally became the talking point for the year's biggest tech event! 

(Background pic taken from 2019's Apple Keynote)
A corridor experiment to investigate and prove the idea.