For this unprecedented Chinese New Year rife with uncertainty, shot entirely on iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple reimagined a Chinese New Year legend with Lulu Wang, Director of Golden Globe nominated film “The Farewell”.

China Daily quotes “...brings hope and courage in facing the unknowns of the upcoming new year.”

Marie Claire says “Exactly what we needed most after 2020.”

Nian is this mythical beast that comes every year during CNY and the villagers set up firecracker and post red banners as a way to scare off this monster. In our reimagined story, we wanted to portrait a fearless little girl who actually meets this Nian, and realizes that he is not what he seems to be, he is just misunderstood. And she has to convince everyone that the Nian, both the beast as well as the new year, is not something to be afraid of but instead it’s something to be hopeful and to look forward to. 

“Nian is a heartwarming, coming-of-age tale about a young girl who’s caught between the fantasy world of her childhood and growing up into the real world.”

Short film - Shot entirely on iPhone (Not loading? Click here to watch on Youtube)
Behind-the-scene of Nian