A film about three generations of Chinese women coming together at Chinese New Year. Shot on iPhone 11 Pro. Directed by Theodore Melfi of Hidden Figure. Cinematography by Lawrence Sher (Joker). Starring China’s leading actress Zhou Xun. 

Based loosely on a true story of a single-mother taxi driver who takes her child to work pulls at the heartstrings of Chinese viewers. The film triggered hot discussion online. A netizen said she was deeply moved and touched by the short film because she once met a similar woman taxi driver who has no other choice but to bring her daughter to work. "Life is hard, but the taxi driver did not complain," she recalled. 

Another netizen said, "I will support my daughter to follow her own will and be herself, just as Zhou does in the movie." 

Ultimately, the film further cements Apple's position as Chinese New Year holiday's John Lewis commercial. 

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, posted the short film on Weibo, a Chinese social networking platform, on Saturday, with a line that "There is nothing more special and enduring than the strength and love of family".

In addition to the film itself, we simultaneously launched an equally influential behind-the-scene film that showcases the iPhone 11 Pro features that we utilised to pull off the 8-minute film.​​​​​​​


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